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VICREN was launched in 2013 by designer Victor Renovato. The journey began with his enrollment into the Fashion Design program at Houston Community College. While in attendance the designer was able to better hone his skill of infusing fabrics, textures and variant colors. Since that time VICREN has garnered much media attention and has been showcased in numerous events across Houston.
VICREN is quickly growing and maturing to become one of Houston’s powerhouse labels with one of the most diverse profiles. The Fashion shows VICREN has been featured in are widely acknowledged as highlights of the Houston Industry.
Developing his highly creative and passionate signatures of constant innovation, independence and extraordinary skill, his clothes continue excite and seduce with their ineffable sense of chic. The designer’s vision is a world where every woman feels confident and beautiful.

Collection Information:
VICREN is built on a set of core values and guiding principles that inspire women to be courageous and independent. We take action, innovate, and offer quality products that are affordable. It is with mission in mind that the Spring 2017 Collection was derived from.
Mexican Culture, “Take me to Mexico” is a collection inspired by Mexican culture. In designing this collection I drew upon my personal exposure and experience. The Mexican culture is very BOLD. There are a lot of vivid colors, prints and textures. That is the theme I wanted to inject into my Spring/ Sumer 2017 Collection.
 I utilized geometric shapes on the designs, as well as feminine cuts. I coupled those features with vivid colors to give the collection a modern look. Our vision is a world where every woman feels confident and radiant and the “Take me to Mexico” collection is bringing us one step closer to that vision.

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