Penny Luck

Gallery | Thursday-Saturday, October 13-15

The penny is the American symbol of luck & the inspiration behind our brand. Our fine craftsmanship has established Penny Luck and is evident in every pair of shoes we make. From our stitched leather soles to our leather lining, the hands of artisan shoe makers carefully craft every inch of Penny Luck shoes. Our signature lucky penny soles makes our brand unique. When you wear a pair of Penny Luck shoes, you wear your luck everywhere you go.
Penny Luck designer & founder, Brian Munoz was compelled to create this brand after a streak of bad luck. After his first company failed, Brian lost everything. During this time, he learned valuable lessons that uncovered the formula for success. Brian had the honor to network with some of the wealthiest men in America. As a curious entrepreneur, he asked these esteemed individuals what contributed to their success. Their answers all consisted of three factors: hard work, risk and LUCK. Brian had all but the latter. The brutal realization that luck is a factor to becoming successful motivated him to build a company established on the foundation of luck. Spreading luck through fashion is now his passion.

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