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Just as the bodysuit has been a long time staple in the closet of women, so has caring for the people, communities, and environments around us all. NūLeos has revolutionized history, and brought a contemporary flare to today’s bodysuit, while also contributing to the improvement and health of the world in which we live. As women fight daily for gender equality and continue to break down barriers, NūLeos provides the necessary armor for the battle.

From the office to happy hour, from the art studio to the hottest club, dress up or down, conservative or eclectic, NūLeos wants to help women express themselves without having to say a word. Our new and improved bodysuits promote individuality for any occasion, and cross through style barriers, while contributing a portion of each sale to a non-profit organization aimed at boosting social awareness and community involvement.

The modern woman is an instrument of change in her own life AND the world she inhabits. We are a company who works to help women embody this identity, invigorating themselves and the world as a whole.

The definition of a woman is constantly changing, adding new professions and new responsibilities; therefore it is important the classic wardrobe keeps up with the ever-changing superwoman who looks to be a part of something bigger than her own individual story. The sky is the limit, and with NūLeos the possibilities are endless.

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