Jimmy Burner

Local | Thursday, October 13

Jimmy Burner, will have you wondering where exactly does he get his ideas from. It is worth highlighting how Jimmy Burner has collided the worlds of music and fashion into a universe for the almighty. Music has the ability to take the soul back to a previous time or a previous vibe. The brand’s entire aesthetic is based on harmonic vibes, which is the reason Jimmy Burner is creating a movement grounded in the soul. From the day CoCo Chanel created her signature jacket to Curtis Mayfield shaking up the world with “Move On Up” to Kanye West deciding to become a fashion designer -every era of these influencers are embedded in the lifestyle of their brand. The primary goal is to illustrate his unique ideas to REPLACE – TARGET MARKET/MASSES?

Innovation is embedded in Jimmy’s DNA and setting new trends is his purpose Everything he creates is noted with his signature trims and cuts. Jimmy Burner’s style in fashion and life is admirable.

Burner has already gained press attention by being featured in the Huffington Post , Rolling Out Magazine, and Bella NYC as well as other fashion blogs. He lives life free and lives right.
Jimmy views his consumer as confident, cultured, well-traveled, and musically inclined. Throughout both his work and personal style, Jimmy Burner embodies allegory, ceaselessly showcasing the past and future trends while simultaneously suggesting novelty through vitality.

Burner will wow his audience in Spring 2017 with a collection to remember. Inspired by the passing of 3 people, now considered angels, close to Burner. One of the losses was Burner’s father, business guru, Erwin Portis. The other 2 angels are two sisters whom Burner had known since childhood, Briana and Jade, who were killed in a car crash in March 2016. Through his resilience, Burner, age 17, transformed that grief into The Angelic Collection. 

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