Erum Khan

Fashion X Houston
October 6, 2018

Erum Khan is a fusion of art and expression reflecting the many sides of a woman – she is never one thing! Our regal and elegant collections, with romantic silhouettes and strokes of exquisite craftsmanship on classic redolent fabrics are modernized for the woman of this day and age. Reflecting a feeling of traditional yet modern, Erum Khan conveys the excitement of an ultimate royal dinner party, a wedding extravaganza and even the streetstyle, envogue! Inspired by the intersection of East and West, endless creativity is evoked through the pieces that move from day into night.

In addition to her statement formals, semi formals and luxury pret, Erum Khan also produces a coveted bridal wear line which is highly anticipated for its exquisite aesthetics and intricate design details. Erum Khan showcases at the Bridal Couture Week and other national and international fashion ramps each year with collections that embody experimental cuts and silhouettes with intricate hand-stitching as well as other classic and modern Pret and Couture techniques. Erum Khan is a result of a juxtaposition between feminine and hard-edge artistry, creating clothes that are timeless and beautiful, season after season!

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