Erica Dawn Woodmore

Capsule | Friday, October 14

Laser-focused on creating wearable and transitional garments, all-black separates seamlessly intermix for a dynamic wardrobe yielding hundreds of styling possibilities and allowing the wearer to redefine each garment season after season, year after year. “I’m most interested in seeing real women enjoying real life in my clothing. I’ve learned to design beyond the runway. I’ve learned that it’s more important and impactful to be creative rather than to be innovative. My design challenge is always to creatively reinterpret classics for our modern way of life: these days we need high impact clothing worn and maintained with minimal effort, and I strive to offer that with each item.” Erica LeFlore, Designer/Owner
Erica LeFlore is proud to be a southern belle with a New York state of mind. Hailing from Louisville,KY, LeFlore has built a strong professional career as a technical fashion designer in the corporate fashion world. As a result, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge creatively and professionally that has rewarded her with international travel and cultural experiences, priceless friendships, and opportunity to be a better creative force for her (maiden) namesake brand, Erica Dawn Woodmore, LLC. Since launching in 2012, Erica Dawn Woodmore collections have been showcased most notably in New York City, but Columbus, Ohio, recently hailed by USA Today as one of the country’s chicest capitals, is where she cultivated a distinctive custom client base and discovered the true needs of her target market. “The satisfaction of every woman who wears my clothing is my top business priority”, LeFlore stated. “I strive to make every interaction with my brand focused on what makes fashion social, fun, experimental, and creative.” After a recent move to Dallas TX, LeFlore hopes to showcase her collections on a national platform but also collaborate with local boutiques, artists and industry professionals to connect women through fashion and continue to build her brand.

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