Carlos Castillo

Capsule | Thursday, October 13

Carlos Castillo developed an interest in fashion in 2010 after seeing his favorite singer wear crazy outfits everywhere she went and really having fun with it. He started sketching out different designs which were inspired by everyday things. His favorite designer Alexander McQueen inspired him to think outside of the box when designing clothing. The more he indulged himself in fashion the fonder he grew of it. He started sewing at age 16 and would practice endlessly to know more each time. He defines his aesthetic as being simple, sexy and modern. He believes that every woman should feel powerful and sexy in their clothes. He won first place in the Art Institute Passion for Fashion competition on a local level in Houston, TX. This motivated him even more to learn all about the fashion industry and decided to go to The Art Institute of Houston in 2014. After months of research and hard-work he finally decided to launch his own namesake label in July 2015 with his debut collection titled “RETRO”.

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