Bridal Motif

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October 5, 2018

Jaya Shukla is the founder and creative head of Bridal Motif, a bridal and custom house which incorporates a mix of new and old, modern and traditional, global and local. Her designs bring together the luxury of exotic and natural fabric with exquisite hand embroidery. With over 20 years of experience in the field of fashion, Jaya has developed a keen understanding of business, design, and style. She blends business and philanthropy by utilizing local craftsmen and fabrics and incorporating them in her designs. Her collections takes inspiration from global trends, Indian textiles, Indian craft and art. She likes to blend eastern craftsmanship with western design.

In her aim to help style and enhance others’ understanding of fashion, Jaya loves to work with people one-on-one. She believes as there are different kinds of women with different backgrounds and body types and it is important to understand their personality and celebrate individuality.
According to her, the key is to find your style and stay true to it. She is a proponent of dressing right for the occasion and its importance in today’s world.

In today’s high tech world of machine made and quick production the importance and beauty of handmade objects and design have become rare and unique. That’s the beauty of her custom designs and clothes; they reflect the true workmanship of design in its fullest. She recently launched a ready to wear label under Bella Desi, a Global Inspired Fashion Label. Her aim is to develop a whole line of sustainable and eco friendly fashion. She feels that success with social responsibility go hand in hand in business. She is working on promoting a fashion platform that supports economically disadvantaged local artists, craftsmen and designers and helps bring their craft to forefront of fashion.

Jaya Shukla is based in Austin, TX and has her production house manned by expert craftsmen and artisans in India.

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